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One of the annoying parts of adulthood is that when things are necessary that I really don’t want to do, such as for example getting my biennial mandatory blood workup, I don’t have the option to tantrum or otherwise express that fact to the people around me. There was a great freedom as a child [...]

I like that one of the autotags for these three sentences is “rational egoism”

Human beings are not rational. I am, unfortunately, human. I may not be able to transcend my nature but I don’t have to like it.


It’s my birth month, which means that like every other Army aviator on their birth month, I went in yesterday to get a flight physical. It’s a pretty comprehensive exam, but they run through it quickly here; they get lots of practice. It’s not difficult or particularly painful, but still nobody looks forward to it; [...]

not good for balance

Every so often, my body finds it necessary to remind me forcefully that it is important for me to eat and drink on a regular basis. Today, the reminder came while attempting a short (< 2 mi.) bike ride involving a steep hill. Interestingly, the symptoms are identical to those I get while having blood [...]

the voice thing is kind of inconvenient, but really funny (for everyone else)

Two interesting things happened today. The first is that I got a package in the mail. I open it and it’s a cell phone. I turn it on, and I have one voicemail message waiting, from 10 minutes ago. It would have been just like The Matrix, except the timing was just a little off, [...]

ill communication

Still sick. I have no idea what it is, but the resident medical expert (my mom, who is a dentist) figures it’s strep. Whatever it is, it’s terribly annoying. I get sleep in 5-minute snatches, my throat and everything I do with it (talking, breathing, swallowing–especially swallowing) is still terribly sore. Even better, I’ve got [...]

air conditioning is expensive

you know how you can tell when it’s too hot out? when the effort involved in sitting in a desk chair, typing on a computer causes you to sweat profusely