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FW: Wikileaks data on Gov’t Computers & Personal Owned

Received the following email regarding the official Army policy on Wikileaks, at least for my unit: From: [redacted] Sent: Wednesday, December 08, 2010 4:03 PM To: 2-2 AVN Staff; 2-2 ASLT COs; 2-2 ASLT 1SGs Subject: FW: Wikileaks data on Gov’t Computers & Personal Owned Computers (UNCLASSIFIED) Importance: High ALCON, Below is the guidance for [...]

Change of Command Video

At the beginning of this month, I got a task: I was to produce a comedic video short, 10-15 minutes long, celebrating the tenure of the BN Commander, to be shown at his outbound Hail and Farewell dinner. One of my peers would back me up, and I’d have command support for getting the filming [...]

The Apache Video

(Preface: I am neither an official Pentagon source nor an official spokesman for the Army. I am a US Army UH-60 pilot otherwise entirely dissociated from this event; these are my personal opinions.) A video was posted recently by WikiLeaks. It’s gun camera footage from an Apache engagement on 12 July 2007. The video begins [...]

Fixed Wing Multi Engine Qualification Course

Dropped off a packet today to apply to the FWMEQC. Fixed wing transitions used to be a perk available to old crusty warrant officers with over 20 years of service. Recently, someone high up decided that it’d be good to have some younger fixed-wing pilots as well. I have to admit, I’m kind of excited [...]

Professional Development Day

It’s that time of year again: the entire BN took the day off to attend mandatory seminars. Until lunch, it was the familiar parade of lectures that boil down to “It is better for you personally and for the Army if you are not a drunken boor.” After lunch, we had an interesting tour of [...]

Snow Day

The army’s schedule accommodates no man. It doesn’t matter that I signed in from leave three days ago or that I’ve been living from a duffel since the beginning of October. Today there was a mission! An important, long-planned mission which, since I’d been gone for the duration of the planning, basically required me to [...]

The Secret Secrets of Secrecy

I just finished out a two week long exercise for the Army. I can’t talk about what I did, because the nature and conditions of my work are classified. That’s too bad: my role in all this doesn’t really deserve the paranoia, and I would really like the opportunity to vent a bit. Nothing, really, [...]

Green Platoon

Anytime an Army pilot arrives at a new post, they have to get to a status called Readiness Level One, which just means that they’re familiar with the local flying procedures, the local area, and their new unit’s mission. This can take several months. Here in Korea, since the default tour length is only a [...]

left behind

The Army has determined in its institutional way that morale is a good thing to keep high. As such, every so often, they let people out of work and take them on a field trip. The nature of the trip varies according to the circumstances–one of my friends was in the Old Guard previously, and [...]

A Note on Rank

Whenever I see a Warrant Officer in the news, their rank is invariably given as Chief Warrant Officer. It’s almost correct, and it certainly sounds like a military rank. The only problem is that it is incomplete. Unlike every other rank in the Army, which we imported wholesale from the British, the Warrant Officer corps [...]