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Level Up!

The paradox of excellence is that for doing good work, your reward is more work to do. Actually, it’s not much of a paradox unless you assume that a fundamental goal at work is to earn the most pay for the least amount of trouble, which seems a very reasonable goal. It’s not quite the [...]

Change of Command Video

At the beginning of this month, I got a task: I was to produce a comedic video short, 10-15 minutes long, celebrating the tenure of the BN Commander, to be shown at his outbound Hail and Farewell dinner. One of my peers would back me up, and I’d have command support for getting the filming [...]

Professional Development Day

It’s that time of year again: the entire BN took the day off to attend mandatory seminars. Until lunch, it was the familiar parade of lectures that boil down to “It is better for you personally and for the Army if you are not a drunken boor.” After lunch, we had an interesting tour of [...]

this is the field

Things they didn’t cover in the Armorer’s course

Sometimes the high-security lock is so high security that it won’t open, or close, or release the key, until you get in and bang on it with a sledgehammer a few times. Once that’s done, though, it turns with a sweet, oily smoothness.

Snow Day

The army’s schedule accommodates no man. It doesn’t matter that I signed in from leave three days ago or that I’ve been living from a duffel since the beginning of October. Today there was a mission! An important, long-planned mission which, since I’d been gone for the duration of the planning, basically required me to [...]

conversation at work

“It’s really a pain to take leave to a foreign country; I’m just trying to take my wife and kids to Thailand and I’m getting all kinds of procedural flak about it.” “Yeah, the S2 shop at Brigade has to approve all travel not to the US. It’s all to cut down on the Prostitution [...]


Let me tell you my work schedule, because it is crazy: Last Friday: 2pm – 2am Saturday: 11am – 9am Sunday Monday: 3pm – 5pm Tuesday: 9am – 9am Wednesday Thursday: 8am – 3pm Friday: 2am – noon This has a lot to do with the fact that half the BN is currently tasked to [...]


I never thought before going to flight school that weather would be such a big part of piloting. Even in flight school, I figured that since they train us in instrument flying techniques, bad weather wouldn’t be a huge deal. Now I’m learning that I was naive. The fact of the matter is that pretty [...]

Night Vision Goggles: the Experience

Duct tape a coffee mug securely to the front end of the brim of a baseball cap. Tape two rolls of quarters to the sizing strap to balance the weight. Acquire a pair of thickly tinted green round spectacles, such as can be found at the gates of the Emerald City. Lightly fog the surface [...]