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I check out of the Basic Combat Skills phase of flight training this Thursday, and have an expected wait of several months before I start training in whichever advanced aircraft I end up with. Naturally, a project was spontaneously created to fill the anticipated upcoming free time. In this case, the project is to learn [...]

Engineered vs. Organic Code

The code I posted this morning is nothing I’d ever show to a prospective employer. It is sparsely commented, convoluted, and nearly impossible to expand. All I actually wrote of it last night was the part to prune down the source tree, so that the best-rated categories weren’t being spammed out by a bunch of [...]

providers of useful information get many bonus points

I’m facing a programming problem I’m not sure quite how to approach. I need to inspect an arbitrary process running in Windows. I’d call the task introspection, but I have no access to the source of the process I want to inspect. Ideally, there is some sort of powerful framework for this built into Windows [...]

beware: features ahead

I found what was causing the error, after 7.5 hours of debugging. A library I didn’t write that my code uses was crashing because of an error parsing the input file, which happens to be a page straight from the wild and woolly internet whose contents I have no control over. The error wasn’t showing [...]

yes i already know i should be documenting my code more

The fact that Python has truly excellent handling of data types and is astonishingly object oriented can be an incredible boon for the programmer. However, it can be mind-bending to someone trying to figure code which turns out to be iterating through a list of Class, Function pairs and creating an instantiation of each Class [...]

this is the post that is generating all those incoming google links for “webcomic scraper”

Aside from assembling a fairly complete and easy to use webcomic scraper, my thoughts recently have been on such issues as: Is it possible for a mathematical point, a singularity, to rotate? My opinion: no. Reasoning: Rotation requires an axis to rotate about, and a distance from that axis. A point on the axis of [...]

this concludes my interest in sudoku

This past week, for lack of much better to do, I’ve implemented a series of Sudoku solvers. I already had one from a few months ago, but the code was just plain ugly and while it kind of worked, I can no longer say conclusively how or why it did. Thus, version 2 was born [...]

google web toolkit

I have made no attempt to hide my disdain for JavaScript in the past–it’s not that bad a language conceptually, but it is impossible to debug. This is because browsers, unlike any other software platform in the world, attempt to be “user-friendly” by attempting to compensate for code errors instead of complaining noisily. Thus, when [...]

perl is what happens when you irritate a programmer for years

I hate Perl. Perl is an agglomeration of functionality combining the worst of incomprehensibly terse unix syntax with the worst of every other incomprehensibly terse syntax Larry Wall could get ahold of. There are people who love Perl. Who enjoy producing write-only code. Who are proud that an incredibly high percentage of completely random files [...]

code trade

I dislike web design; I can construct HTML, but I prefer to just put together a reasonable framework with lots of hooks so that someone who likes that sort of thing can come in later with CSS and make everything pretty. If necessary, I can do some CSS stuff myself. I loathe Javascript. What’s worse, [...]