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{ Category Archives } programming One-upping ConfigParser

There comes a time in every programmer’s life when they decide that some silly, common library that they use all the time just isn’t good enough. It takes too many actions, or it feels opaque, or there are obvious features conspicuous in their absence. For me, that time is now, that library is ConfigParser, and [...]

keeping up

Today I got to code to solve a problem. The Army’s bit of code which moved flight records from the maintenance database into the pilot records database broke, and I got to write a replacement. It’s trivial code, really: take a fairly complex SQL join generated by MSSQL, and write its results to an XML [...]

Pictures from Last Night

It was an interesting night: I was at a B-Boying (breakdancing for those not down with the slang) competition. As a second date, it was quite fun; as an event to photograph, it was a challenge; as a skill, it was intimidating. More images here, at the flickr set. Statistics, because I am a nerd: [...]

Python 3.0 Released

3.0 is finally out. Go get it. Say you took all the programming languages I have ever encountered and put them into a table. If you were to assign a column to ease of use, a column to language power, and a third column to the product of the previous two columns, then reverse sort [...]

Small Basic

Microsoft just released another .NET language: Small Basic, designed to get MS back into the business of teaching programming. I have to laugh at parts of the release document. For example, the claim that programming languages started simple and easy to learn, and that the high-level concepts of modern languages discourage people from learning to [...]

iTunes 7.7 COM bug

I’ve had a little utility for quite some time now that I use mainly to let the iTunes’ current song play through its end, then stop. It’s one feature from Winamp that I couldn’t deal without. Quite recently, I upgraded to iTunes 7.7. My little utility stopped working. When I finally got around to looking [...]

Protocol Buffers

Subtitle: The good, the bad, and the… no, wait; this is a Google project. XML and Java have the same sort of flavor to them: they’re reasonably good and very widely used; they’re the sort of product that design committees everywhere aspire to create. Their flaws only really become visible after something better comes along. [...]

I made a toy

It’s not very much*, but it represents my first tentative steps towards doing something visual with PyGame. “But,” you object, “what happened to that C++ project you were working on?” Basically, I got bored**. I have a fairly high tolerance for doing background research before jumping into a project, but the sheer volume of required [...]

virtual insanity

I’m trying to remain enthusiastic about C++. I’ve been pushing through the books, trying to gain enough fluency to start pushing forward on a real project. Every once in a while I’d run across something weird, like the necessity of explicitly writing a copy constructor and overloading the assignment operator of any non-trivial class, but [...]


Expressed here as a tag cloud. The source code itself is nothing special; it’s just an easy way to test my knowledge of C++ as it grows.