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EA Tech Support is Useless

Transcript of chat log: KIETH: Hi, my name is KIETH. How may I help you? [06:05:08 PM] coriolinus: hello keith [06:06:14 PM] KIETH: hello, [06:07:05 PM] coriolinus: I’ve got Bad Company 2 installed via Steam [06:06:35 PM] coriolinus: I played it a bit a few weeks ago, put it down, and tried it again today [...]

Google Wave

I tend not to be an early adopter of tech. With software, it’s because most software in the world exists to solve problems that I don’t have. With hardware, it’s that and the fact that new hardware is expensive as well. Thus it is that I only recently joined Google Wave. My impression before joining, [...]

I dream nerdier than you

It might be convenient if there was such a thing as a soul. Let’s ignore the whole life-after-death thing, any idea of continuity of existence. Even then, it could be convenient if there was some real but ineffable thing which humans could not produce other than through reproduction. Why? If cognition is a physical process [...]

The Firefox Shutdown Glitch

As I suspected, it was a plugin problem. Specifically, Ghostery, which is a neat little thing which displays and optionally disables any web bugs of any import tracking user behavior. Unfortunately, I’m not willing to put up with its erratic behavior any more. For now, it’s disabled, and I put in a request to be [...]


By preordering the sequel on Steam I got the original free. As I already owned the original via Steam, I have one license too many. As Steam is actually fair, it gives me the option to give away the surplus license. Who wants Bioshock?

Robot Cleaners

At my last apartment I had a cleaning lady come by every week. It wasn’t very expensive (an Alabama advantage: cheap labor!), and it kept the place looking and smelling nice. Unfortunately, that’s just not an option here. I prefer living in a clean place, but I don’t actually sweep and mop myself nearly as [...]

processor load

I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon: starting Firefox takes two cores less than a second. When I shut Firefox down, though, it sends three cores to 50% for ten to fifteen seconds. Anyone have any idea what’s causing that?

the new machine

The new computer’s finally assembled. I’d have put together some kind of assembly guide, except there’s so little point. In assembling a computer, all you have to do is fit together the pieces. They’re color coded and uniquely shaped, so it’s a good bet that if a part can be inserted into another without forcing, [...]

The Twelve Perils of Driving in Korea

I went to Yongsan today for a dental appointment. While stuck in traffic, I came up with a song to the tune of the 12 Days of Christmas. I’ll write the last verse; I’m sure you can infer the rest. As I drove into Yongsan, what did I chance to see? Twelve driver TVs, eleven [...]

first real obstacle

The heat sink’s included mounting bracket doesn’t fit the holes in the motherboard. There’s an addon part I can buy to provide compatibility, and that’s ordered now. Still, it looks like it’ll be another week before I can really get started on this.