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The Twelve Perils of Driving in Korea

I went to Yongsan today for a dental appointment. While stuck in traffic, I came up with a song to the tune of the 12 Days of Christmas. I’ll write the last verse; I’m sure you can infer the rest. As I drove into Yongsan, what did I chance to see? Twelve driver TVs, eleven [...]


It’s been just over a year since I bought my first laptop. I bought the cheapest one I could find, because all I really wanted was to be able to dedicate a machine to the Army. It needed to be able to check my email, run the Army’s flight planning software, and little else. It’s [...]

Engineered vs. Organic Code

The code I posted this morning is nothing I’d ever show to a prospective employer. It is sparsely commented, convoluted, and nearly impossible to expand. All I actually wrote of it last night was the part to prune down the source tree, so that the best-rated categories weren’t being spammed out by a bunch of [...]