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I dream nerdier than you

It might be convenient if there was such a thing as a soul. Let’s ignore the whole life-after-death thing, any idea of continuity of existence. Even then, it could be convenient if there was some real but ineffable thing which humans could not produce other than through reproduction. Why? If cognition is a physical process [...]

Hypothetical Question Time

Say that you are buddies with a top computer scientist. He has been working for DARPA on an AI project. He succeeds! True AI! Over the period of a few months of shakedown trials and training of the new AI, you befriend it. This time ends when your buddy announces to DARPA project success, so [...]

usually for major changes I expect things to fail utterly at least once

Surprisingly, everything seems to have gone basically as planned. There were a few little glitches–I couldn’t cannibalize my old A: drive, because that one didn’t work anyway–but somehow I managed to migrate the DVD drive and the secondary hard drive without incident or loss of data. Of course, there were minor little adventures on the [...]

it is important that you know when I dream about coding

Where have I been the last few days? Well, I’ve been working on two projects: One for the AI class, and another mostly to get it done. Over the last three days, I’ve spent (with my project partner) a total of about 55 man-hours working on the AI project. Last night I was dreaming about [...]