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Against Undue Optimization

We chart our lives as paths through multidimensional state spaces. It’s trivial of course to consider only the familiar four dimensions, but these diagrams only become meaningful when you disregard the relative simplicity of space-time and plot, instead, your position in decision-space. You stand motionless at the vector sum of every decision you have ever [...]

Today’s Numbers

1: Days of week the PX closes early 2: Days of week the base back gate does not open 3: Weeks between buying a brand new HP laptop and its bricking itself 5: Items in this list which fit the Fibonacci sequence 8: Minutes to cycle between my apartment and the base back gate 10: [...] One-upping ConfigParser

There comes a time in every programmer’s life when they decide that some silly, common library that they use all the time just isn’t good enough. It takes too many actions, or it feels opaque, or there are obvious features conspicuous in their absence. For me, that time is now, that library is ConfigParser, and [...]

Understanding Humans

The world needs a proper model of human comprehension of natural language. This one is based partly on the OSI Model, partly on standard compiler design. Conceptually, it’s an interface stack: a set of layers of functionality. Each layer can talk freely within itself, and has a well-defined interface to the layers above and below, [...]

Hacker’s Delight

x + y = (x XOR y) + (x & y)

Thought Experiment

Assume superstring theory is correct, and the universe is 11-dimensional. 7 of those are so tiny and curled in on themselves that in human terms they are entirely extraneous; still, they exist. You invent the world’s tiniest (and most sideways) centrifuge, and accelerate someone to near lightspeed along one of these dimensions. Does this brave [...]

i got the twitter

@coriolinus It sounds like a disease, doesn’t it?

keeping up

Today I got to code to solve a problem. The Army’s bit of code which moved flight records from the maintenance database into the pilot records database broke, and I got to write a replacement. It’s trivial code, really: take a fairly complex SQL join generated by MSSQL, and write its results to an XML [...]

A Happier Video

Pictures from Last Night

It was an interesting night: I was at a B-Boying (breakdancing for those not down with the slang) competition. As a second date, it was quite fun; as an event to photograph, it was a challenge; as a skill, it was intimidating. More images here, at the flickr set. Statistics, because I am a nerd: [...]