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This is me

This is me

I’m a US Army Warrant Officer currently stationed at Katterbach Kaserne, Germany. When I’m not flying helicopters professionally, I pay money to fly fixed-wings recreationally. You might say that my head is in the clouds, except that it turns out to be really hard to get IFR time, even with an instrument-capable aircraft and an instrument rating. So my head is in the non-cloudy, minimum-two-miles-visibility sky. I have a BS in Computer Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, which I have never used professionally.

Before joining the Army, I lived in Japan for 13 months, teaching English. I loved it there, and would happily return. I’m trying to study up on my German so that I can get an appreciation for this country like I did for that one, but that’s a slow project.

I’m an unrepentant nerd. I spend most of my free time on the Internet, reading novels, or just goofing off. Minority interests include programming for the fun of it, poking away at Japanese, working on this blog, and socialization.

My goal is to lead as interesting a life as possible. If after I die my biography can be read like a novel, I will have succeeded.


I use twitter and google+ somewhat more often than I do this blog. Such is the nature of life.