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Hitman: Sniper Challenge Silent Assassin Walkthrough

orHow I got one of the top 10,000 scores worldwide at this game.

TIMER: 15:00:00

1. Rooftop guard far
2. Shoot elevator control panel
3. Guard walks over, amazed. Shoot him down the elevator.
4. Rooftop guard near, facing away
5. Rooftop guard near, facing toward
6. Lower walk guard right-side

TIMER: 14:20:00

7. Wait until he walks around the corner: Lower walk guard left
8. Lower walk guard middle

TIMER: 13:45:00

9. Wait until the guard walks behind the tree: Deck guard left

TIMER: 13:15:00

10. As he peers over the edge: helipad guard

TIMER: 13:00:00
TIMER: 12:15:00

11. Shoot the edge of the pool to make the guard walk over to it
12. Pool guard
13. Fountain guard

TIMER: 12:00:00
TIMER: 11:00:00

14. Shoot the edge of the pool to get the guard’s attention (same as 11)
15. Shoot the edge of the pool again to get him to walk from behind the pole (same as 11)
16. Pool Guard 2 (same as 12)
17. Richard Strong

TIMER: 10:40:00

18: Corner guard
19: Smoker guard (use instinct; behind tree)

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