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Heuristics Korean Drivers Should Learn

  • Pass, don’t pace
  • Don’t use more than one lane at a time
  • Don’t pass someone in the same lane as you
  • Tend to the right lane when moving slowly
  • Tend to the left lane when moving quickly
  • It’s rude to swoop in front of a line of cars waiting for an exit
  • If not waiting for an exit and your lane is slow and other lanes are fast, merge out to equalize the speeds
  • If there’s space ahead of you and you’re going less than the speed limit, accelerate
  • Use the turn signals when merging

Of course, it’s only the fact that none of these rules are followed that makes driving like an aggressive maniac an efficient way to beat traffic: most places in the world, it just slows down everyone else without speeding you up appreciably. Still, I suspect that driving would be much less frustrating if a tad less fun if there were a situation other than anarchy on the roads here.

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