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The Grand Plan for the Weekend

Last year for the fourth of July I sat in the apartment most of the weekend, emerging briefly to see the on-base fireworks display. This year I plan to top that: I’ve got a four-day weekend, an off-base pass, and a well-stocked debit card: I am travelling.

Right now I’ll sleep a few hours, then get online with my friends from college. After a few hours of that, I’ll drive to Osan Airbase, where I’ll fly a Cessna down to Kunsan (weather permitting) and back. Then I’ll link up with my buddy who lives down there and hang out all evening, possibly drinking. Sometime in there I expect a Skype call from my sister.

Sunday morning, I start on my way to Jeju-do: Korea’s Hawaii. It is the farthest place I can go from here without needing a passport. Astonishingly, a round-trip plane ticket costs only about $75. Hopefully I’ll be able to walk into the airport and buy one, because the Korean websites are giving me trouble.

The plan is to spend 48 hours in Jeju-do, then return to base by Tuesday evening in time to get back to work on Wednesday morning. Once there, I’ll figure out lodging and entertainment somewhere; I am certain that I can find both on this island of tourism. Everything I’m bringing fits into a backpack.

They don’t believe at work that I am a spontaneous person.

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