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The paradox of excellence is that for doing good work, your reward is more work to do. Actually, it’s not much of a paradox unless you assume that a fundamental goal at work is to earn the most pay for the least amount of trouble, which seems a very reasonable goal. It’s not quite the same as least effort: something fun can be quite challenging, but no trouble at all. Still, even given that goal, the pattern at work is something like this: dive into the fun stuff with gusto. Do a good if uninspired job on the troublesome stuff. Then get given more responsibilities.

That’s what happens to me at least. I got a call from the CO CDR last night saying that the BN CDR wanted to meet both of us this morning to talk about additional duties. At the meeting, he told me that based on the recommendations of the senior warrants in the battalion, he was tasking me to be the BN Flight Operations officer.

BN Flight Operations is a full-time job. To accomplish this, I’m being pulled out of Charlie Company and moved into HHC: I’m a staff aviator now. I get my own office, immunity from most random details, and I drop every additional duty except my other BN one: Flight Records. Keeping even one is unusual, and that particular one more so: for years, those jobs have been split to keep the workload manageable. I get to buck that trend. This doesn’t exactly help me build up my flight hours or earn my PC orders, but it can’t hurt my career to have on my OER that I was picked by name to do both these critical BN jobs while still junior.

The job itself is a bit of a cipher to me: I’ve never yet touched the Operations side of things. Scuttlebutt has it as complex, data-heavy, and requiring flexible work hours: perfect, in other words, for me. Hopefully the match works as well in reality as it does on paper.

I’m not completely unambivalent about this: it means even more delay until I get my PC orders, a lightened flight schedule even once I have them, and a lot of work in the meantime. It means that even when I earn my callsign, it won’t start with Comanche, but Wild Card. I regret both of those things. Still, the regret is minor compared to the excitement. This seems like it could be a lot of fun.

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