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Another Date, Another Breakup

Met, ate a fancy dinner, saw a performance of Miss Saigon. It turns out that the play’d been translated entirely into Korean. Not particularly surprising given the theater location, but the website played the songs in English.

Left the theater, got the speech that’s becoming creepily familiar. “You’re a great guy and I’ve enjoyed our dates, but I don’t see us having any romantic potential.” She was having more trouble making the speech than I was receiving it. I made a joke, left her laughing. Then we studiously got into separate subway cars for the 90 minute ride home.

I’m kind, polite, respectful by default. It’s not too much effort on my part to be attentive, even witty. However, I just have not got the hang of being sexy. The the eerie similarities of the last few breakup speeches suggest that it is an essential quality.

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Comment by Rourke Mac OS X Mozilla Firefox 3.6.2 Subscribed to comments via email
2010-04-04 19:56:08

젠장! 행운을 미래에 좋아.

Comment by coriolinus Windows NT Mozilla Firefox 3.6.3
2010-04-06 09:20:25


For the future, please try to keep the comments to a language that at least one of us actually speaks.


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