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EA Tech Support is Useless

Transcript of chat log:

KIETH: Hi, my name is KIETH. How may I help you? [06:05:08 PM]
coriolinus: hello keith [06:06:14 PM]
KIETH: hello, [06:07:05 PM]
coriolinus: I’ve got Bad Company 2 installed via Steam [06:06:35 PM]
coriolinus: I played it a bit a few weeks ago, put it down, and tried it again today [06:06:48 PM]
KIETH: Okay. [06:07:55 PM]
coriolinus: The problem was that after loading the game, pressing the “Resume” button, and loading the maps, it dumped me back down to the desktop with no error at all [06:07:18 PM]
KIETH: Carry on. [06:08:02 PM]
coriolinus: it happened when I was logged into the servers and when I wasn’t [06:07:37 PM]
coriolinus: All I’m trying to do is continue playing where I left off, but this game keeps crashing seemingly immediately as it finishes loading the level [06:08:10 PM]
KIETH: Please provide me the dxdiag of your PC. [06:09:21 PM]

[cut for length]

KIETH: Okay. [06:10:37 PM]
KIETH: Sorry. [06:12:31 PM]
KIETH: The game is not tested on windows 7, 64 bit. [06:12:57 PM]
KIETH: Please run the game on compatibility mode. [06:13:14 PM]
coriolinus: i see [06:12:41 PM]
KIETH: Is there anything else I can do for you ? [06:13:37 PM]
coriolinus: when does EA expect to extend compatibility testing to modern hardware/software combinations? [06:13:15 PM]
KIETH: No. [06:14:33 PM]
‘coriolinus’ disconnected (‘Concluded by End-user’). [06:14:59 PM]

In other news, don’t bother buying Bad Company 2.

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Comment by Charles Windows NT Safari 532.5
2010-05-01 20:58:25

I wonder how much longer these companies are going to continue using the 64 bit card as an excuse not to support their own products? Every gamer I know is now running Windows 7, 64 bit, and 99% of the time everything works perfectly with modern games.

I had a similar experience with Aspyr, but to humor the guy I DID actually try compatibility modes. All of them made the problem (cutting off part of the screen) worse.


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