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In the last seven days

I had Thursday off to go to Yongsan for an appointment.
Despite that, I worked 48 hours.
I flew 9.1 hours in a UH-60 and 2.1 in a Cessna 172.
I read three novels and four volumes of a graphic novel.
I wrote approximately 2500 words of essay, blog, and correspondence.
I spent 12 hours socializing with friends.
I visited Everland amusement park.

I think I have a legitimate claim to being busy.

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Comment by Rourke Mac OS X Mozilla Firefox 3.5.3 Subscribed to comments via email
2010-03-13 09:36:59

Hmm, which novels? Which graphic novel? And — essay? I know you write lots of blog posts, including some that are long-form, but do you have to write essays for work?

Comment by coriolinus Windows NT Mozilla Firefox 3.6
2010-03-14 08:19:46

Novels: The Manual of Detection, On the Beach, Fool.
Graphic Novel: Appleseed.

Essays: I wish I had to write essays for work. There, I just get to do memos, which are a completely different skill; I wasn’t even counting those. Mostly, the essays I write these days are just non-public journaling. It’s easier to keep them focused if I compose them as essays with topic and thesis than as scatterbrained diary format. Call it a reaction to my extreme distaste for stream-of-consciousness writing.


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