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Apprentice Librarian

My weekend project: unboxing approximately 500 pounds of books and alphabetizing them onto their shelves. It’s finally done–allowing me to end my Amazon-fast and order new books again without guilt.

My prediction: by the time I leave here, I’ll have at least one more bookshelf, and it will be at least half full.


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Comment by Mom Mac OS X Safari 528.16
2009-07-06 06:36:36

Nice! I’m playing with my née iPhone at the beach

Comment by Andrew Lo Windows XP Mozilla Firefox 3.0.11
2009-07-12 18:03:54

…it’s got to be something about being in the service. I joined with but thirty or forty books of my own – you know, ones that I thought were decent, or had some specific point, like Starship Troopers or somesuch. When I got out in January this year… The movers weighed my books, less the book-cases, in at almost 1200 pounds. Just the books specifically, I mean, or at least the boxes labeled ‘books’ on the bill of lading.

Also, what’s up, Pete? I got reminded that this place (and you) existed via Facebook.

Comment by coriolinus Windows XP Mozilla Firefox 3.0.11
2009-07-17 03:01:50

Not a whole lot is really up. I’m stationed in Korea, flying Black Hawks, and just generally having as much fun as I can with the military lifestyle. Still out to explore the world and conquer little bits of it when the moment seems appropriate. What’ve you been up to since you left the Navy?


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