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First Class

Delta charges the Army about a thousand dollars to fly a soldier to Korea. Given the Army’s policy of never buying a ticket more than three days in advance and Delta’s policy of allowing ten free checked bags to active-duty soldiers, that’s really not that bad.

The Army has no policy preventing individual soldiers from using their own airline miles accounts to profit from these flights. It also has no policy preventing a soldier from upgrading their seat, providing they pay for it themself.

Delta, on the other hand, wants over two thousand dollars more to upgrade that seat. On the one hand, it’s a fifteen hour flight. On the other hand, there is no way I’m shelling out that much money for fifteen hours, even though it does mean the difference between a coach seat and a fully-reclining bed-chair. (One might be tempted to call that first-class accommodation a ‘couch seat.’)

Oh well. At least I’m getting 11000 free airline miles out of the deal. After the next roundtrip, I’ll have enough to upgrade to first class to pretty much anywhere in the world for free.

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