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School’s Over

As per tradition, on this the last day of flight of any kind in flight school, we collectively as a class goofed off. We were in the AVCATTs again, and we just played. Due to the limited number of simulators, we had to go in batches, which shaped the nature of our play. The morning group featured a duel between a flight of Apaches and twice their number of Hawks. The blackhawks were expected to kamikaze into the Apaches, while the Apaches got to use their weapons. The hawks won, as is usual. My group didn’t have any attack elements in it, so we just set up a race from Baghdad to Fallujah. I held the lead until 30 seconds before the end, at which point I was destroyed by a concealed T-72.

I graduate next Wednesday and fly to Korea a week after that. In between, it’s just outprocessing: getting signatures from the various agencies on base certifying that they require nothing more from me, selling off my car and furniture, etc. I won’t be sad to go. Fort Rucker’s been decent to me–better than I had expected before arrival–but it was never my idea of a wonderful place to stay. I’m just not a very rural type of person. I’m moving overseas, to a world metropolis, to an assault regiment: exactly what I had hoped for. It’s going to be awesome.

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Comment by Julia Windows XP Mozilla Firefox 3.0.7 Subscribed to comments via email
2009-03-28 17:59:34

Congratulations again. Best of luck with your move!


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