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Flight school just ended. With my final checkride complete, I have no more flight instruction required before graduation, and no more flight time at all until I get to Korea.

There is more to do, of course. There’s a mandatory leadership course before graduation, presumably to remind us all that while we’re all peers and students in flight school, in the real world there will be more complex leadership requirements when we are not the last link in the chain of command. There’s a collection of immunizations and security briefs required before leaving the country, and the general busywork involved in moving across the world. All told, it’ll be a month before I pin on my wings, and probably another before I actually head out.

Even so, the real work is now finished. I’m qualified to fly Black Hawks, and they gave me a little keychain to prove it.

It feels good.

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Comment by Julia Windows XP Mozilla Firefox 3.0.6 Subscribed to comments via email
2009-03-03 19:10:16

Congratulations! I’m glad you’re going to Korea rather than Iraq or Afghanistan.

Comment by coriolinus Windows XP Mozilla Firefox 3.0.6
2009-03-03 19:28:18

Thanks! I am too.


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