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7e11 dollars. When the most convenient notation for a figure is the scientific, you’re talking about either a whole lot or a tiny amount. The exponent here is positive, so we know that it’s a ton, but trying to imagine that sum in terms of money just boggles the mind. It is too much money to properly understand.

The bill is in plaintext. It’s maybe a page long. It’s got some interesting parts to it. Try section 8.

Presumably the plan isn’t to just take the money and burn it all in the form of $1 bills, warming all of North America, preventing people from needing to spend any on heating this winter, so that they can spend the money on something more economically stimulating. If it was decided to do exactly that, though, there would be no legal recourse.

Get on the phone with your representative, today. Take the half hour or whatever and call them. A bailout is bad policy in general, and this one is so stupidly implemented it is hard to imagine something worse. We cannot let this just happen to us.

(For a more in-depth argument against this, look here.)

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Comment by drgoodspeed Windows XP Mozilla Firefox 3.0.2
2008-09-26 21:21:44

Did YOU call your representative?

Comment by coriolinus Windows XP Mozilla Firefox 3.0.2
2008-09-26 22:00:59

How could I not?


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