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Task: Arrange military funeral honors for your retired service member

Conditions: Your service member left the military under honorable conditions. Their funeral is to take place in Alabama, north Florida, west Georgia, or eastern Mississippi.

Standards: Contact the Casualty Assistance office no later than 36 hours before the funeral. Provide them with the correct date, time, and location of the funeral; the name and rank of your service member; contact information for the next of kin and the funeral director.

Description: The military is deeply sorry for your loss and is always willing to honor one of its own fallen.

1. Contact the Casualty Assistance office as soon as possible. They will work with you during this difficult time to arrange matters.

2. Depending on your wishes and the rank and time in service of the deceased, 3, 7, or 15 officers will be dispatched as the honor guard. The honor guard will, at minimum, fold and present the US Flag to the next of kin. Depending on your wishes and the size of the honor guard, they may also serve as pall-bearers or perform a final rifle salute.

3. The military has time-honored traditions for sending off its deceased. Alterations to these tradition might be made if you wish, but this will require pre-planning and rehearsal.

4. Please ensure that the next of kin is prepared to receive a US Flag as a token of gratitute for the service of the deceased.

Evaluation: The military wishes to respectfully honor its fallen. If you are unsatisfied with the performance or behavior of the honor guard, please contact the Casualty Assistance office as soon as possible.

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