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Chrome Plating

The Google posts are just piling up here recently. Today, they issued notice that they’re releasing an open-source browser of their own design, with a UI and architecture differing in significant respects from more traditional browsers. Naturally, the release announcent came in the form of a webcomic (by Scott McCloud, no less).

I looked at the blog post, and I was skeptical. Then I looked through the comic, and found myself thinking that it’s worth taking a look at, even if I decide not to use it in the long run. The release is tomorrow; I think I’ll end up checking it out.

It’s worth noting, though, the original use of chrome: apart from a few engineering applications to resist corrosion and increase hardness, it is all about making an otherwise unexciting piece of machinery bright and shiny. Under the surface, the machine is still the same.

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