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I made a toy

Very simple drunkard\'s walk simulatorIt’s not very much*, but it represents my first tentative steps towards doing something visual with PyGame.

“But,” you object, “what happened to that C++ project you were working on?”

Basically, I got bored**. I have a fairly high tolerance for doing background research before jumping into a project, but the sheer volume of required reading to even have an idea of how to start is fairly daunting. I just figured it was better to code something than walk away entirely.

I was going to stay a little bit on focus, write a spinning globe in C++ using OpenGL. Then I started looking into online documentation and found absolutely nothing that gave me a starting point. I couldn’t even find a website that told me which header files to include to get at the API, let alone documentation of the API itself.

Clearly, that’s a project for another day. Taking the second best option, I decided to see what was doable with PyGame. I’d heard the name before without having actually used it for anything; it was only natural to see what it could do. As it turns out, it focuses more on 2d graphics than 3d. A rotating image of a globe would amuse nobody, so I changed my design goal, and ended up with this.

Playing with graphics, once you get past the initial hurdles, is kind of fun. There may be more of this later.

* Firefox 3 gets really upset that I’m using a generic certificate borrowed from my webhost to authenticate for HTTPS transactions. If it gives you an anti-spam warning because the certificate doesn’t match, just add an exemption. I haven’t gone through the hoops to get my own site certificate, and I promise not to ask you for your credit card or otherwise try to misuse the trust implied by such an exemption.

** “But what about the computer games and novels you can be trusted to fritter away your time with before starting any productive work at all?” XCOM crashed one time too many, its open-source replacement is years from playability, and I thought it’d be a neat feather in my hat if I could get some measurable percentage done on my own replacement today. As things turned out, that feather eluded my grasp.

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