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an ordinary day of bubble

Posts about my day-to-day activities have been somewhat sparse recently, and are likely to remain so for a long time. I’m in a bubble in training: a period of uncertain length during which I don’t even have a training class to call my own. At any given moment, there are about 200 young officers here on post with this status.

Every day in the bubble is the same. The precise details differ depending on which detail you’re assigned to, but all of them share the same general shape. In my case, I wake up at 4, in order to drive out by 5:20 to PT. PT runs from 6 to 7. With gas prices being what they are, it’s not worth driving any more than I have to, so I shower and change into the day’s duty uniform in one of the post’s gyms. I eat breakfast in the dfac, then head over to the ready room in the basement of company headquarters.

My duty day doesn’t officially start until 9, but I’m rarely there later than 8. I have nowhere else to go. There are no permanent duties; I generally read a novel, then work on the C++ project. I have from 11 to 1 off for lunch, but there doesn’t exist a place in the local area to buy a cheap lunch that isn’t rediculously unhealthy. I tend to just stay in place, maybe take a nap. Just before 3, I head over to the gym to work out again. I then get to go home.

Sometimes someone has some random task for which they need bodies; they come to us. Today we spent an hour as secretaries, hilighting forms to streamline things for people inprocessing. That was the only hour of work I’ve had all week.

It’s not a bad schedule, I guess. It’s a lot less stressful than training for twelve hours, studying for three, and trying to fit meals, sleep, and socialization in around the edges. Even so, piloting is a very perishable skill, and I won’t have the opportunity to practice it for months. I’m not all that bad at finding ways to occupy my time; as long as I keep at the coding project, or some successor project, I shouldn’t go stir crazy. I can’t help but feel that I’m going to be incredibly relieved once the bubble ends, though.

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