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change of command

We got a new company commander recently, and today he delivered his in-brief. He spent five minutes talking about his command philosophy–in essence, Do The Right Thing and Everybody Will Be Happy–and then settled down to the important issue: the Ultimate Frisbee league that, starting tomorrow, everybody in the company will be participating in twice a week. As befits the commander of the largest company in the army, he delivered a thorough brief on the topic, covering the rules, regulations, exceptions, and intent of this Ultimate Frisbee policy in just under an hour.

The best part about being in the Army is that there really is no adult supervision. This guy loves Ultimate Frisbee–he spent a few minutes telling us about the merits of 175g official Frisbee products over other, inferior products–and he’s just been put in charge of 1400 people. Why not start his very own league? It’s not like we have anything better to do.

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