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Gift Cards

This Christmas, I got a Best Buy gift card and a Borders gift card. They’re nice gifts, given that I do tend to buy both consumer electronics and books in large quantities. However, the nearest Best Buy is two hours away from where I live. The nearest Borders is only half an hour away, but it lacks the option to redeem it online.

I know that part of this is just that I live in AL, which seems to have intentionally made itself distant from crazy Yankee tastes. However, gift cards also have the issue that they’re less flexible than cash and less interesting than a proper gift.

I do appreciate the sentiments which cause people to buy gifts for me. However, I ask that in the future, people choose either durable goods or simple cash.

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Comment by moozeale
2008-01-14 14:50:50

Are you sure that the Borders gift card can’t be redeemed online? I’ve received several and used them all at once on Amazon. It’s really the only way I shop at all these days.

Comment by coriolinus
2008-01-14 15:07:07

I tried to do just that, and it wouldn’t accept the code. Perhaps I was using it wrong; there was no obvious place to put in the card code except Amazon’s “redeem your coupon” box, which rejected it.

Comment by moozeale
2008-01-14 19:18:21

Try this link. Although it claims you can only use your borders certificate on Borders merchandise, I’ve fooled it in the past by starting at the borders site and then searching for stuff only amazon would sell and as long as you check out from the Borders page (it transfers you to amazon but I think the checkout page might only show up properly if you start on the borders site). Let me know if you continue to have problems and I’ll actually use some of my gift certificates and let you know the exact steps I take, but this should fix your problems.

Comment by moozeale
2008-01-14 19:19:27

Oh, and don’t use 1-click.

Comment by moozeale
2008-01-14 20:15:01

Yep, I typed in my Borders gift card in the box that said “Have any gift cards, gift certificates…” and hit apply; do that for each one you have and it *should* work.

Comment by coriolinus
2008-01-14 21:06:33

I can’t seem to make that trick work. I start at that page, and even make sure to navigate back to a Borders-themed page before hitting “Check out”, but the page it then takes me to is pure amazon and when I type in the number on the card it does not apply anything.

Perhaps the card is the issue. I’ll have to look further into this; maybe if I find something at Borders I’m interested in instead of using the search box as default it’ll be smoother.

Thank you for helping!


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