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New Project: True Stories of Life in Japan

I’ve started writing the True Stories of Life in Japan because I figure I can probably tell some, and I wanted to see if I could handle writing a few hundred words every weekday for ten days. It’s more or less a way for me to brush up on my creative writing skills. As such, don’t expect every word to be 100% true; I’ve run into photos, while browsing for ones to accompany the article, which contradict my memories. In such cases, I simply choose other photos.

Speaking of those photos, I’m not happy with LJ for their treatment of people who want to include photos. First they fail to provide upload space for the photos; then, they strip out CSS based on unarticulated rules which make it impossible to make the photos both links to the full version and positioned as they are. If you want to see a larger version of almost any of those photos, just go to the image source.

If you’re hunting for a Christmas or birthday present for me and you don’t know what to get, I just noticed that I’m running out of hard drive space again. A well-reviewed external HD of at least 150 gb would be truly appreciated.

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Comment by brynndragon
2007-12-15 13:03:17

If someone has a spare internal HD of such a size, you can throw it into an external enclosure and call it a day. Such enclosures go for around $30, so that would make an excellent yet fairly inexpensive Christmas gift. . .


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