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and to think i missed pt because of this

My car, a 2000 Saturn LS2, now makes a steady tone upon startup that does not stop. It has the sound of a fairly serious warning tone, but none of the dashboard lights are on. I’d really like to know what this means, if anything. It didn’t seem prudent to drive it without knowing what was going on.

Any ideas?

Ok; figured it out. Someone’s broadcasting a sine wave over the top of the radio station I listen to. I didn’t catch it at first because in southeastern AL, radio stations don’t operate 24 hours a day; there was no underlying signal this early to remind me that the station wasn’t actually off. I have no idea /why/ someone would take the trouble to overlay a sine on top of a commercial FM station, but that’s for someone else to figure out.

It makes me sad that the military makes me wake up before the radio. It’s bad enough that I have to wake up 90 minutes before reveille, which I had thought of as the expected wake-up time for the military; having to be out and about before public utilities like the radio is just surreal.

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