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Review: Trigun

The previous review was insufficient. It appears below in its entirety:
This one is considered a classic by a lot of people. It certainly has its moments of
excellence, but in the end, I didn’t end up liking it as much as I could have. It couldn’t
decide whether it wanted to focus on drama or humor, and wasn’t serious enough in the end.
Also, I really dislike it when things become obviously chibi, and that happens more than a
few times in this series. However, I’m picky like that, and it’s certainly not a bad series.

Genre: wild west/adventure
emotion: chibi
This was one of the first anime series I ever watched, and I was introduced to it as one
of the classics. Ever since then, I’ve had this nagging feeling that I really should like
it, even in the face of the evidence.

The problem is that the animation is of low quality. The enemies are ridiculous. The
weaponry is insane. The morality plays are blatant. The plot relies too heavily on deus ex
machina and completely unpredictable shock, while leaving gaping holes completely unaddressed.
The general impression I get watching it is that it was designed for 8-12 year olds. This is
a series that, were I to encounter it for the first time today, I probably wouldn’t bother
to watch all the way through to the end. It just hits far too many of the buttons I keep
which are labelled “this is a sign of bad anime.”

And yet, there is something appealing about the notion of a man who is such a badass that his
biggest problem is trying to hide the extent of his badassery from the population at large.
Something incredibly awesome about a guy who approaches life as a game, which consists of being
an incredible gunman (which everyone expects him to be), yet never killing anyone because that
way it offers some sort of challenge. The underlying plot of the series is far better than that
of any of the individual episodes, and one gets the impression of a fantastic world with a
great backstory which should have been in a truly excellent series. If you’re looking for
something to like about this series, you’ll find it as soon as you look beneath any of the
traditional metrics. It’s as though there was a really talented author writing the series-long
story arcs, and a team of monkeys handling everything else in the production. The foundation
is really strong, but it’s hidden under a facade constructed entirely of flung monkey poo.

This makes the series hard to rate. I’d say it’s worth keeping, but just barely. This is not,
under any circumstances, something that should be shown to someone new to anime as a series
representing what is good about the medium.

BTFS: .51
Genre: space western
Emotion: I really wish they had employed fewer monkeys

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