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because even when i do nothing you are desperate to read about it

Some may wonder what I was up to on this long weekend. Others may wonder what long weekend I’m talking about, but they get the shortest answer of all. The majority, at any rate, are wondering different things entirely.

The US Army celebrates Columbus Day with a four-day weekend, which would be a suspicious use of time if it didn’t work to my advantage.

Mostly, I’ve been up to a whole lot of relaxation. Last week my sleep schedule was getting bad to the point of inducing insanity, and it was a huge relief just to get caught up some. I visited a friend for a few hours of anime, viewed and reviewed a few series I hadn’t seen before, and read a novel or three. I’ve made fairly substantial improvements to my webcomic scraping software, such that even new comics with weird formats and multiple images per page take only a few minutes of configuration before my software can handle them correctly. The benefit of having this software is that with a local, hyperlinked copy of the comic, I don’t have to wait for the image to load. In the past, the coding time involved made this worthwhile only for comics with large archives and slow page-load times (hey megatokyo!), but it’s at this point it’s becoming worth it for pretty much any comic with more than a dozen pages of archives.

In conjunction with all this, I finally got high-speed broadband set up. I’ve had basic DSL set up for most of a month, but in this context, ‘basic’ means ‘we constrict your bandwidth to 100k/s down, or 16 simultaneous sockets open.’ It was actually the issues with concurrent connections which made it unacceptable; I torrent a lot (of completely legal stuff, of course), and even checking my email became nearly impossible due to the crazy timeouts. Now, I’ve got a 5mbps cable connection which seems to have no trouble with all the simultaneous connections I throw at it, and I am happier.

The last thing I’ve done is discover and listen to All the beatles albums ever released in the UK, sequentially, in just over an hour. This is possible through digital technology, which allows us to listen to music at eight times its natural tempo. In theory I could decompress it and chop it up and have artifacty versions of all these songs for my personal use, but in practice, that’s way too much effort; it’s not worth my time investment. What the music actually most reminds me of is when you get to the high levels in Tetris, only with demented vocalists churning along just as fast.

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