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Review: Lucky Star

Lucky Star: The first bits you notice are the worst. The incredibly stylized, cutesy animation; the stratospheric octaves of the voices of the main characters; the 85% female cast; none of these tend to be associated with a quality series. In many ways, the series /isn’t/ quality; there are a ton of references to the studio’s other, more popular anime series, and you could never accuse the studio of attempting to hide the budget restrictions they placed on this one.

With all that said, this series really shines in its writing; the show is really just 13 hours of 5-minute sketches in which the characters discuss something amusingly. It’s easy to lose oneself in characters expressing one’s own viewpoints, or living through experiences one has had with similar reactions. The authors don’t hesitate to ruthlessly parody otaku, anime conventions (for both definitions of the word), and pretty much anything else that might be labelled metahumor.

If you’re up for a long stretch of amusing dialogue without much in the way of overarching plot or events, you’ll like this series. For a more demanding or a more general audience, though, it’s unlikely that it’ll really stand out.

Genre: slice of life
Emotion: wit
BTFS: .60

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