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yes i already know i should be documenting my code more

The fact that Python has truly excellent handling of data types and is astonishingly object oriented can be an incredible boon for the programmer. However, it can be mind-bending to someone trying to figure code which turns out to be iterating through a list of Class, Function pairs and creating an instantiation of each Class and calling the Function using that one of that instance’s members as an argument–all in a single line less than 80 characters long. The fact that things like this are common in this codebase means that deciphering the code takes a while.

Of course, I brought this upon myself–I wrote this code while I was in Japan. I didn’t document it because it’s pretty easy to understand, once you work out what’s going on. It’s just that to a reader unfamiliar with the code, all they see on the first few readthroughs is the blackest of magic.

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