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a quest

I am looking for a specific novel. I read it as a child in a Reader’s Digest condensed version, in an omnibus which included a number of other Reader’s Digest condensed novels. I believe that the title included the phrase “Don Quixote” in a metaphorical allusion to the plot, though I do not entirely trust my memory on this point. The plot consisted of the adventures of a peace corps volunteer in a small (caribbean?) island in the middle of the cold war, as he inadvertently leads a revolution, deposes the corrupt dictator, gets the girl, and turns the formerly unproductive land into a tropical paradise.

I remember the book as being quite good, and very funny. However, neither Google nor Amazon have successfully helped me determine the correct title or the author. This is the first time since the internet that I have not been able to locate and buy any book I wanted based on a few keywords–the feeling is disconcerting. I’m asking the world at large here if anyone else has read the book and remembers the correct title or author–with those, I can probably at the very least get an interlibrary loan copy, even if I cannot find a copy of the book worth buying.

The publishing date of the book is probably between 1950 and 1990.

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Comment by anonymous
2007-10-26 10:58:57

i haven’t read it, but i’ll try to find the book for you :)


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