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carol of the ???

My father emailed me last night–we live in the same house right now, but we’re both nerds, so he emailed me–and I thought the contents of his email were cool, so I’m copying them here with his permission.

Big silverback
Having a snack
Out in the woods
Where life is good
What was that shout?          King
Go check it out               Kong
Offered Faye Wray             King
Take her to play              Kong
Through forest racing, puny men chasing,
Leap from a bank, shot with a trank.
Wake on a stage               King
Feeling enraged               Kong
Bound up in chains            King
Cranky with pain              Kong
Spot lady Faye                King
Did she betray?               Kong
Paparazzi                     King
Having a spree                Kong

Oh! flashbulbs blinding, smashing your bindings,
Scoop up the lady, up Empire State.
Many, many, many biplanes
Many, many, many biplanes
Peppered with lead            King
Feeling the dread             Kong
Losing your grip              King
Starting to slip              Kong

Tumble through air            King
Into Times Square             Kong
Blonde lady cryin'            King
Big chalk outline             King


I hope one day to have the same sort of inspirations.

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Comment by silversliver
2006-12-16 21:36:53

That, my good sir, is BRILLIANT.

Comment by kiismet
2006-12-17 20:55:30

That’s great! I’ve had Carols of the Bells stuck in my head since Tuesday night at Glee Club, now I have an alternate version :) Wish everyone a very Merry Christmas for me, it’s the first Christmas season I haven’t seen you guys since I started college…


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