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vacation aar

My vacation is over; I am back in NH. I had a good time in Worcester visiting my friends; Seattle was amazingly beautiful, and the North Carolina beach was idyllic. I can’t say that I came away with any particularly interesting stories other than those I bought as reading material, but it was good to just take the downtime.

On the first of October, if I haven’t yet moved out, I start paying my parents rent to continue living here. I intend to be out by that date, which means that I have to consider my vacation time over; my time needs to be spent helping out and figuring out exactly where I’ll be at that point. It shouldn’t be too difficult.

More news to come as I see it. My brother starts his first day of high school in a few hours; my sister begins her senior year of college a week later. Hopefully, even if my life is boring, I’ll hear interesting things from them.

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