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a song by blondie

I now have a shiny new cell phone. If you would like to call me, you can do so at 603 978 2001. Unless you’re a telemarketer, in which case I expressly forbid you to. I expect to keep this number for at least two more years, so don’t let it go to waste. Put it in your address information books.

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Comment by anonymous
2006-08-10 15:03:19

oh dammit i missed you being in worcester! i didn’t get your im cause i think i wasn’t awake yet. and now someone is coming over for dinner. i’m sorry i suck. but i put your number in my phone and my number is 508-963-4513 so you can call if you want and that is more likely to wake me up. how long are you in worcester for?

Comment by anonymous
2006-08-10 15:04:53

oh. that was me, ttula.


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