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this is the post that is generating all those incoming google links for “webcomic scraper”

Aside from assembling a fairly complete and easy to use webcomic scraper, my thoughts recently have been on such issues as:

  • Is it possible for a mathematical point, a singularity, to rotate? My opinion: no. Reasoning: Rotation requires an axis to rotate about, and a distance from that axis. A point on the axis of rotation remains stationary. Thus, while a point can be rotated about an external axis, it cannot rotate in place.
  • As soon as the sun comes out, I should take some more pictures. The light quality through these clouds makes everything look washed out, as if the saturation knob on reality had been turned down. It’s easy on the eyes, but it makes boring photography.
  • I am probably going to end up abandoning a fair amount of stuff in Japan–I haven’t yet decided the best way to get things to the US. The airlines charge a very decent rate per piece of excess baggage, and on the way here I just put a bunch of stuff into a very large cardboard box. My enthusiasm for that mode of packing was dampened when, on arrival, the cardboard box full of expensive electronics was actually spherical. Also worth noting is that I shipped the majority of my stuff from the airport directly to this apartment; I’m not sure exactly how I will go about arranging the reverse.
  • My Japanese is significantly better than it was when I arrived, but I have to attribute at least as much of the improvement to immersion as to the lessons. I will miss being in an environment in which my skills improve with no effort on my part.

In all other aspects of my life, the status quo has been maintained since my last update.

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