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I wish I knew who composed that orchestration

I’ve mentioned in the past that I live, quite literally, on the edge of a fairly large expanse of rice paddies. The nearest building across those paddies, perhaps a kilometer away, is a junior high school. As it happens, the wind often blows more or less directly from the high school to me, so it’s not uncommon for me to venture outside in the afternoon and hear the band practice wafting across.

In the past, particularly when they played movie themes, I’ve become nostalgic for my own time in a elementary-school band. However, today I cracked up laughing at the sheer goofiness of what they were playing: an overblown operatic rendition of “This Old Man (Came Rolling Home),” complete with tuba solo. I don’t know if that’s a nursery rhyme here as well, but I do know that it’s impossible for me to take that tune seriously.

In other news, last weekend marked the 365th (and 364th) day of my stay in Japan. On the year marker, I went to Tokyo for the day, much as I did on the first. This time, however, I was focusing more on social entertainment with friends I’ve met here, as opposed to the major touristy stuff, of which I accomplished as much as possible on my first day in the country so as to get it out of the way as soon as possible.

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