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the waveform collapses

Back when I first heard that the owner of my franchise had died, I thought of three major scenarios which might occur in its wake. Ordered in order of estimated probability, they were: the business continues with no major changes, the business shuts down immediately, the business continues for several months but is then shut down to coincide with the Japanese summer vacation. As time passed after his death, I ruled out possibility number two, and was expecting possiblity one to be borne out.

Earlier this week, I found out that they were actually angling for possibility number three.

I’ve agreed to stay one month past the end of my contract, and teach classes through 31 July. This technically isn’t required, but I’d feel like an asshole to refuse them. Given the special circumstances, they gave me extra time to finish things up before leaving the country; I don’t have to fly out until 2 August.

I’m still planning on taking about a month’s vacation before proceeding to my next job, whatever that ends up being. This just delays it a bit. Given that I’ve got the time and money saved up to travel all over the US visiting people during that time, let me know if you’re interested in seeing me we’ll see what we can work out in terms of travel plans. As things stand, it looks like I’ll be arriving in Boston late on the 2nd, and proceeding from there.

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