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google web toolkit

I have made no attempt to hide my disdain for JavaScript in the past–it’s not that bad a language conceptually, but it is impossible to debug. This is because browsers, unlike any other software platform in the world, attempt to be “user-friendly” by attempting to compensate for code errors instead of complaining noisily. Thus, when something doesn’t work, the reason for the failure is often utterly mysterious.

And now google releases this:

In production, your code is compiled to JavaScript, but at development time it runs in the Java virtual machine. That means when your code performs an action like handling a mouse event, you get full-featured Java debugging, with exceptions and the advanced debugging features of IDEs like Eclipse.

This is unspeakably awesome. You get to write code for browsers, without having to write the Javascript!

Google just went up several coolness points in my book.

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