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neologisms are fun

Having installed various unices in my time, I find that Ubuntu is the most user-friendly, but that it’s still not capable enough to be a primary desktop, and not coder-friendly enough to be a server or development box. FreeBSD is more difficult to get up and running, but once it’s there, it’s a very decent secondary box.

I may not have put enough emphasis on “more difficult to get up and running.”

So, I’ve decided to write a walkthrough for how to get a FreeBSD box going. This is almost as much to make me think through each step and ensure that I’m doing all of them, and in the right order, as a service to the public–but once it’s done, I will make it publicly available just in case someone else wants it as well. At just over 9k of text so far, I feel like I’ve made decent headway. Of course, the next step (installing the GUI) is both optionful and pitfallful enough that I’m more worried about getting it right myself than getting it into text.

With luck, the walkthrough will be up later today.

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