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I dislike web design; I can construct HTML, but I prefer to just put together a reasonable framework with lots of hooks so that someone who likes that sort of thing can come in later with CSS and make everything pretty. If necessary, I can do some CSS stuff myself.

I loathe Javascript. What’s worse, I suck at it.

Nevertheless, it is the fate of people who write programs to be viewed over the internet to have to deal with web design and javascript. In my current project, I’m running into obstacles doing AJAXish stuff, despite the fact that I’m using MochiKit to attempt to streamline the JS coding process.

I want to trade development hours. I’ve got extensive experience in Java, and I’d consider myself pretty good with Python. I can still do PHP, though I haven’t worked in that language in a while. I will code up whatever small tasks you’ve got on whatever project you’ve got cooking, in exchange for you taking care of my JavaScript for me on mine.

Email me if you’re interested in doing this.

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