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For those interested, I’ve uploaded some of the more memorable photos I’ve taken so far in Japan.

I promise that once the server is online (I disclaim responsibility for the fact that it currently isn’t, as it’s now in the hands of the ISP) I’ll upload everything and there will be total access to every picture I’ve yet taken, and all sorts of cool browsing-by-tag stuff. Until then, though, I’m stuck using flickr.

If this goes on much longer, I’m probably just going to do the normal thing and rent a server from a company whose job it is to make all the annoying parts of server maintenance go away. Anyone know of a reputable host which won’t break the bank? Minimally, I need one with MySQL and PHP support, though I’d prefer that they use a database which fully supports the SQL standard, and Python. Also, I would need them to be able to provide primary and secondary DNS.

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