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honestly though, the customer service really is fantastic

Today marked my third attempt at getting a bank account. It ran into the same snag as at the previous two banks–the process was rolling along fine (where ‘fine’ is defined as the original teller calling over whatever colleagues speak a little English, and having me write everything down, and hurried conferences with the floor boss in Japanese far too fast for me to catch) until they asked if I had an ‘inkan’. This is a little, circular rubber stamp with your name on it, and it’s apparently necessary to conduct any banking in this country.

Given that this has been the snag point for every bank I’ve tried so far, I gave up today and went out to have one made. Or rather, I went through the half-hour process of conveying to the clerk exactly what I wanted to order, and she placed the order. Next week, I get to go back and pick up my new Official Signature. It has the word グッドスピード written on it (note the new spelling; apparently this better represents the sound of my name). I could have had them just write my name in romaji, but even if I were sure that it would be accepted at the banks, I would have felt even more foolish than I do now at paying as much as I did for something I can just write down.

The most difficult part (aside from shelling out $85 for a rubber stamp): figuring out what they were saying while they were asking me what font I wanted.

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