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the natural cycle of obsolescence

It looks like I may have to spend a lot more time getting the server online relatively soon, because the windows box has taken to randomly rebooting and garbling requests to save data. I don’t have the patience right now to debug this, which means that in all likelihood the BSD machine will become the primary sometime in the relatively near future. All I can say is that the windows machine’s time-between-crashes has been decreasing to the point where it’s less than a week for these last few, while the BSD machine’s been up for over a month at heavy load (I think the Java build process has an infinite loop hidden somewhere) with no signs of trouble.

My parents told me before I came here that instead of spending a bunch of money taking my computer with me, I should just buy a new one when I got here. I ended up building a new one shortly after I arrived, and now the old one is failing. In retrospect, it looks like they were right. Knowing this doesn’t make it less annoying that the machine is dying.

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