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Review: The Vision of Escaflowne

This series is an exception, for me, as it breaks a few rules I usually lay down about series to avoid. It’s got giant robots that occasionally transform. Its main character is a ‘normal’ girl with magic powers. It ends with a cliched “love is more powerful than war” message.

At the same time, I watched it because it’s got a lot going for it. The primary cast almost all have unique, complete personalities–the only characters who seem cut from cardboard are the unfortunate ones who get more than a few seconds of screentime, but probably less than 5 minutes across the entire series. The primary focus of the series is an interesting vision of how fate might react when people attempt to control it, and that gets played out well. However, the romantic plot (it seems there’s /always/ a romantic plot, doesn’t it?) barely gets resolved at all; in the end, it’s just confusing as to what actually happened.

It’s not good enough to be placed with the true greats, but this is still a fairly intelligent series worth watching.

Genre: magical girl in a fantasy world
Emotion: this is actually interesting on an intellectual level! wow!
BTFS: .40
(Beyond the Fifth Star ratings are normalized from 0 to 1)

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