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Review: Kurogane Communication

Kurogane Communication is… interesting. It’s an upbeat, bright look at the story of a girl who is, as far as she knows, the last human on earth. Post-apocalyptic settings were never so family-friendly before! Luckily, she’s got a quintuplet of friendly robots who’ve taken up the task of raising her, so she doesn’t have any real trouble getting by…

Speaking of those robots: you will recognize at least two of their designs as being inspired by other famous robots. Not to name any names, but you’ll get at least a few more laughs if you’ve seen Terminator and Ghost in the Shell before you watch this.

This is a pretty decent show. The episodes are short, so it ends up being a pretty harmless fluffy afternoon’s worth of series.

Genre: post-apocalyptic sunshine and flowers
emotion: humor
BTFS: .65
(Beyond the Fifth Star ratings are normalized from 0 to 1)

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