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I’ve got my alien registration card in hand, so now it’s just a matter of setting up essential services. I go bank hunting tomorrow, but my real worry at the moment concerns the internet.

The good news is that I’ve found an ISP which operates in my area, has decent english-speaking personnell, and is faster and cheaper monthly than the service I inherited from my predecessor. The bad news is that it’s also DSL, so I have to cut off my current service entirely and then wait an unspecified amount of time until they get around to setting me up with the new service. Literally unspecified; I asked them, and they said it’s set up by a subcontractor who’s larger than they are, and they really have no idea. The silver lining is that I’m in time to do this all within the span of a fairly nice summer promotional offer they’re running, so I shouldn’t have to pay much if anything in the way of setup fees.

I’d be begging for logins to dialup services, but I don’t have a modem and don’t feel like buying one for two weeks of long-distance connectivity, so the point is moot.

I guess I’m going to be offline for a while, starting soon. More details as they arrive.

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